Barbara Croall

Odawa First Nations Composer ...

“ … She doesn’t just see nature—she feels it, and thus has been able to capture the very essence of nature. The piece is so vivid that her audience feels it, too … I was emotionally in awe.”

Ontario Arts Review (Canada)


“ … a composer with an excellent reputation … On the strength of her achievements, CBC Radio Music has undertaken to broadcast numerous works by Barbara Croall. She has always risen to these creative opportunities by works of great originality and of the very highest quality. … I believe that Barbara Croall is one of the very best composers of her generation. Her professional experiences in Canada and abroad have given her a strong background with which to develop her outstanding talent, and to share her understanding with others. I believe she is an excellent communicator and most pleasant person.”

David Jaeger, Senior Producer, CBC Radio Music (Canada)


“ … Mme. Croall réussit à créer des ambiances sonores très subtiles qui révèlent un sens exceptionnel de l’orchestration. … Comme soliste, elle a une prestance trés solennelle qui fait penser à une prophétesse.”

La Liberté (Canada)


“ … Richly imaginative … highly spiritual.”

Winnipeg Free Press


“ … a master of orchestral colour!”

Scott Speck, conductor and author


“ … a distinct compositional voice. It does indeed speak for itself… even when her textures are gentler, we sense that something of substance has been left.”

The Globe and Mail (Canada)